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Lightweight, transparent poly garment bags are available in four versatile sizes: pants, shirt/suit, dress, and long coat. Top edge features pre-slit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape that fits standard hangers and side-gussets that allow for multiple garments. Packaged on a roll and perforated for easy tear off.

Personalized with your logo, polythene garment bags offer the most inexpensive and long lasting form of advertising you can possibly use. Because customers continue using them for storage and travel purposes, your Store Name stays in the mind and public eye. And their smart neat appearance enhances your Store's fashion image and prestige. In every way, personalized polythene garment covers are the modern merchandising aid for today's fashion retailer.

Printed Garment Bags

Custom printed poly garment bags are an easy way for dry cleaners and clothing stores to advertise and promote. We can custom print on any size and gauge garment bags on a variety of film colors. They come with a pre slit hanger hole, normally with a contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Generally, our custom printed garment poly bags will include a standard suffocation warnings legend, although it must be specifically required by the customer at the time of printing. They are available on a roll and they are perforated for easy tear off. We also carry unprinted clear garment poly bags in stock. Stock transparent poly garment bags are available in four versatile sizes for pants, shirts, suits and dresses or long coats.

How Garment Covers are made?

The most common way to produce 'garment covers' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process' using super strong Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Usually with preslit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. They are perforated bags on a roll or individually packed in a box. These dry cleaning bags are designed for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry to cover slacks, suits, dresses and other clothing.

What is Blown Film Extrusion?

In the Blown Film Extrusion process, small plastic pellets (called resin) are melted down under controlled conditions so that they are pliable molten actually---and pressed (extruded) through a circular die gap to form a continuous tube of plastic. While it is still in this molten state, the tube is pinched off at one end, then it is inflated and stretched to the size and thickness of the desired finished product. The inflated bubble of plastic is drawn vertically up a tower so that it has a chance to cool before it is flattened out and wound onto a roll. The plastic pellets enter at one end of the machine and film is wound up at the other. This simple process can be used to make films that may be as thin as .0004 inch to thicknesses that may go beyond .01 inch. Sometimes pellets containing pigment are blended with the clear pellets to make film of various colours. The secret to producing high quality film is having good equipment that maintains a consistent flow of material throughout the process.

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